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You can access your account at any time to see how many members of your team are actively using Elegantt. That way, you can easily manage slots and decide to pay only for the members of your Trello organization that are using Elegantt.

Members and slots are managed separetely, so you can remove a member from a slot at any time to make space for a new member on your PRO plan.

If all the slots are already taken, a new slot is created (automatically for monthly plans and after the owner validation and payment for annually plans) to let the new member take advantage of PRO features.

With the annual plan, if you need to add an additional member to your team during the course of your subscription, you'll only be charged a pro-rated amount. If someone you’ve already paid for does not use Elegantt anymore, you'll be able to remove him from the slot and use it for another member.

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