The elegant way to manage your Trello projects

Trello is an incredible tool for managing projects from day to day. But when you need to check the status of all your projects, Trello just doesn't cut it. That's why we designed "Elegantt for Trello".

Why add Elegantt to Trello?

Elegantt automatically generates progress bars for your project elements based on the information in Trello.

  • You don't have to input anything at all.
  • Elegantt coexists with your Trello board, displaying your team members and your labels.
  • Just open and close the schedule view whenever you want.

Easy and efficient

Elegantt has the same look and feel as Trello, adding a schedule view of your projects to the Trello interface.

Synced with Trello

Every change to Trello is automatically reflected in Elegantt: cards, lists, assignments, etc.

Secure data

Your Trello data never leaves your boards. We don't copy any of it to our servers without your permission.

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Task dependencies

With task dependencies, you can graph the relationships between cards and view assigned team members. This feature organizes and prioritizes cards so your team can connect the dots.


With milestones, which are visible to the whole team, you can assign e-mail notifications to different team members. Every milestone includes the project lead and the project end date.

Save as image

You can export a weekly, monthly or quarterly view of your Gantt chart in PNG format. Very useful for enhancing your presentations, reports or pre-project planning.

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And more

Zoomable view

One-click, at-a-glance views of upcoming cards for the week, month or quarter, or from the start of the project.


Use filters to refine your card view by members, labels or project leads.


Quickly modify cards using click-and-drag in your Timeline. Changes are automatically visible to your team members.

Selective visibility

Get a clearer picture by hiding cards or columns that are unnecessary for your Board with a single click.

Advanced editing

Although the calendar content is generated automatically for the sake of simplicity, you can make changes manually at any time.